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Health & Safety Awareness

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Learn the basics of health and safety with this fascinating course that is an essential training option for employers and employees alike. Whether working in a managerial, manual or administrative position, this course is ideal for those looking to increase their awareness of health and safety and promote a safer working environment for themselves and other staff members.
It provides students with the confidence of knowing that they are able to ensure that their actions contribute towards promoting health and safety in the workplace. It also stresses the importance of ensuring that individual roles and responsibilities are clearly understood by all members of staff. Knowledge is key, and this in itself can greatly reduce any potential risks, and helps to prevent the chances of accident or injury from occurring in the workplace.
We are exposed to risks just by going to work each day. Some risks are minor, and some are potentially hazardous. The function of health and safety regulation is to help reduce these risks so that employees can work with the confidence of knowing that their health and safety is not being compromised. This confidence boosts morale, encourages employees to be more productive and helps to create a stronger working relationship between employer and employee.
This course is essential training for all those in current employment including:
Those working in a managerial or supervisory position who are responsible for the welfare of staff members, and those whose duty is to ensure that health and safety regulations are understood and adhered to.
Anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge of health and safety in a practical way that can be applied both in the workplace and at home.
Employees who wish to expand their knowledge base, increase their current skill set and boost their employment opportunities and earning potential.
Students who successfully complete the course learn to:
Define the terms hazard, risk and risk controls, and understand how this applies in a workplace context.
Understand and explain the importance of risk assessment in a workplace environment.
Describe the role of a health and safety management system in the workplace.
Appreciate the importance of implementing emergency plans and procedures, safe systems of work, accident reporting, inspection and monitoring, personal protective equipment, safety signs and first aid.
Explain the consequences and implications to both the individual and their organisation if they fail to follow health and safety best practices.
Understand how industry affects the environment, and list the ways in which individuals can minimise pollution and waste so that it can be practically applied in their place of work.
Implement health and safety regulations within their place of work in order to create a healthier, safer and more sustainable working environment for all members of staff within a business/company/organisation.
This course provides a comprehensive overview of health and safety regulation and best practice, and is designed to help promote awareness and create a safer and more sustainable working environment.
Equips students with knowledge of health and safety regulation that can be practically applied across a diverse range of sectors and industries.
Allows access to our online learning and networking platform.
Students who successfully complete the General Health and Safety Awareness course are awarded a course completion certificate.

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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