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Develop your skills on the keyboard with this fun and simple way of learning to touch type in no time at all. In a world where being computer-literate is almost compulsory, any extra skills to help you shine above the career competition are a must, and excellent keyboard skills are extremely valuable in many lines of work.
A Course with a Wide Scope
Whatever industry you work in, in whatever role – from secretarial and admin to supervisory and managerial roles – keyboard skills are essential if you wish to get your job done quickly, accurately and professionally. With this course, not only will you see your typing speed noticeably increase, but your typing accuracy will improve, too.
Cover Three Different Aspects
Sign up to this course and you will be able to make real improvements in three areas – the QWERTY keyboard, the Numeric Keypad and Single Case letters. Master these three key skill areas and you will be able to demonstrate your keyboard abilities with pride. Work through the three units and you will substantially increase your productivity, with expected results of in excess of 5000 key depressions per hour (kdph), once the 30 hours of QWERTY training is complete. A sought after skill bound to impress any employer!
This course would be perfect for novice typists and anyone wishing to brush up on their keyboard abilities, whether for the benefit of their current job role or for future career aspirations. Competent typists may also benefit from the course, due to the self-paced, specifically designed courses.
Regardless of what position in a business you hold, keyboard skills are essential, and this course will help you to improve your abilities dramatically.
Get to grips with the Numeric Keypad, and how to touch type using the keypad quickly and accurately. Three exercises are available in this unit.
Learn how to use upper and lower case on the QWERTY keyboard, including the use of the ‘Shift’ key, with the help of 29 different exercises.
Work your way through a variety of hands-on exercises which can help you apply your new-found knowledge to master the keyboard and keypad with ease and precision.
Master single case letters, which help you to demonstrate a high standard of touch typing without worrying about the ‘Shift’ key. This unit consists of 26 exercises.
Study online at a pace that suits you with our online course delivery. Resources are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Course is valid for a full 12 months, so there’s no need to rush. Take your time (and take breaks!), and improve your typing skills at your own convenience.
Technical support is available if you run into difficulty using the courseware at any point.
Scoring and tracking tools help you to monitor your progress and visually see your typing speed and accuracy improve.
Interactive typing tutors ensure you can enjoy self-paced training which is flexible and hands-on.
Plenty of exercises to help you build on your keyboard skills, including 26 exercises in single case training.
Gain the confidence and capability required to type with speed and accuracy. You won’t have to look at your keyboard to type, ever again!
Add a valuable core skill to your CV and demonstrate your new-found abilities to future employers, increasing your employability substantially.
Type your way to a more positive future by signing up to this excellent touch typing training course, today!

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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