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Coding For Beginners Certificate

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If you’re a computer user keen to learn what’s behind the programs and software you use every day, then this coding for beginners course should be of interest. Delivering engaging and informative content for both aspiring IT professionals and hobbyists looking to expand their technical knowledge, this course will prove that anyone can learn to code.
Coding for Beginners will help you understand more about what coding is and does, along with teaching beginner-level concepts that you can put into practice to write your own simple programs. The content is packaged into an easy to follow, 10 module course that you can study online at your own pace.
What Is Coding?
Behind every item of computer software sits a complex web of letters and numbers that tell the program what to do, how to do it, and what actions to perform in response to user instructions. This course is almost like learning on the job as it’s packed with practical exercises to back up the coding theory. Learning focuses on the essential concepts that you’ll need to start writing a simple code of your own. You’ll find out about Python, one of the most popular coding languages, work with variables and data types, and learn about functions that are built in or user defined.
How Will I Benefit From Coding Training?
As a beginner level course, the material will equip you for further and more advanced study, and allow you to investigate new career options in the IT sector. Even if becoming a professional coder or working in another IT role doesn’t feature in your future career plans, building up technical knowledge in a popular computer language will help improve your skill and confidence as an advanced computer user, and could inspire you to take on new, IT-related hobbies.
Work through this 10 module training course and become proficient in a variety of basic coding skills. Test your knowledge with the included exam and receive coding for beginners certification.
Learn more about how coding evolved, cryptography, and the advancement of computers through history.
Gain the knowledge needed to start coding, including an understanding of high and low level programming language, syntax and semantics.
Learn more about Python’s Interpreter Program.
Discover the importance of mathematics in coding, and the practical maths skills required.
Look into different data types and how they are used in coding, including primitive data types.
Find out how variables are used in computer programming.
Further work with variables and data type conversion, using operators, and learning about Boolean algebra.
Become familiar with conditional statements and loops, including the use of keywords, branching and conditionals, and flow control.
Master built-in functions and how to use them effectively while writing code.
Study content on user-defined functions in Python.
Become confident in organising your code in modules and packages.
Learn about Lamda Calculus and nested functions.
Find out more about object orientated programming, how it’s used, and the terminology and functions that play a part in this aspect of coding.
Learn how to re-use code and find out what multiple inheritance is.
A look at the use of external files and third party coding packages.
Benefit from a mix of coding theory and practical coding exercises.
Learn more about Python, and why it’s such a popular coding program.
Use this course as a stepping stone to more advanced coding training.
Certification may open up career options in a variety of IT-related roles.
An affordable and comprehensive training course for complete coding beginners.
Test your knowledge during end of module activities and a final exam.
Receive a coding for beginners certificate on completion to prove your new coding skills.
Complete the course and be able to write your own simple Python programs.
Units of Study
Evolution of Computers and Coding
Getting ready to code
Mathematics Basics
Variables & Data Types
Working with variables using operators and data type conversion
Controlling the flow of code using conditional statements and loops
Working with Built-in and User-defined Functions
Organising code into modules and packages
Creating Object Oriented programs using classes and instances
Reusing code by inheritance, external files and third-party packages

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement (no assessment element)

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Access = 12 months

2 reviews for Coding For Beginners Certificate

  1. Aaron

    Great course. Learnt loads

  2. Alli

    Enjoyed this course

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