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CIW Data Analyst Certification Training



The role of a Data Analyst is a key one in business operations as they provide vital insight that supports influential decision-making across an organisation. Data Analysts are employed as a fundamental part in organisations of any size as all companies will be looking to use facts and statistics to drive business objectives.

The CIW Data Analyst Certification training is a part of the recently updated CIW Web and Mobile Design series. You will learn how to use data to analyse a company’s operations and make justifiable business decisions based on statistics. You will study the use of tools including Hadoop, R Project, and custom database solutions to help you to achieve your goals.
This course is for anyone who is looking to utilise the skills a Data Analyst needs in their career, whether that be as part of a wider career arc or specifically as a Data Analyst. The average Data Analyst salary in the UK currently stands at £26,000* which grows with experience and a wider skillset. Data Analyst positions are highly sought-after, and IBM predicts there will be a 28% spike in demand for data professionals.

Identify typical sources of institutional knowledge, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, transaction data, social media, marketing sources.
Compare and contrast structured and unstructured data.
Deploy specific tactics for working with cloud-based data, including cloud-native data, migrating data to or from the cloud.
Summarize ways that data is used to drive business decisions.
Deploy tools for capturing and analysing data, including Hadoop, R Project, custom database applications.
Extrapolate information using data obtained from new and traditional data sources, including Web and social media logs, marketing, sales, technical support, customer relations.
Determine relationships between organizational efforts and business outcomes.
Identify ways to capture and represent data, including creating dashboards (e.g., executive summaries), creating reports and charts, using traditional and Web-based tools.
Exam for full certification is available, but not included, giving you the opportunity to purchase and take the exam when you are ready
Become a recognised data analysis professional and help companies to make justified business decisions
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