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CIMA Professional – Strategic Level (P3) Performance Strategy

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Boost your knowledge and expertise with this fantastic strategic level course, as part of the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualificationand take another step towards overall completion of this highly respected award. Cover both financial and non-financial risk management and strategy and learn how to evaluate and implement ideas to help control these risks and ensure organisation success.
Course Breakdown
The whole course is delivered online, which can be a huge positive for applicants who have work and home commitments and would struggle to adhere to a timetable made up of study sessions, lectures and seminars at a study centre. Simply study when you have the time and with the material being available for 24 months following registration, you should have plenty of time to comfortably fit all of the essential learning in and ace the assessments.
As with the other courses that make up this impressive accounting qualification, the P3 Performance Strategy course is broken down into modules, which each carry a particular percentage towards the final mark. The P3 syllabus consists of five modules – management control systems (10%), risk, internal control (25%), review and audit of control systems (15%), management of financial risk (35%), risk and control in information systems (15%). The syllabus primarily focuses on risks that can arise from governance, ethics and social aspects which could affect the performance of an organisation and by the end of the course you will have advanced working knowledge of the subject area so that you can advise and evaluate using future real-life scenarios.
Once the P3 course is complete, students will only have a maximum of two strategic level modules left to complete before achieving the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification. Applicants must already hold the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting or other approved qualification for acceptance onto this professional level course.
Explain the social, political and economic context of business, including what control systems can be implemented to ensure effective management of an organisation and how to solve issues which can arise due to weaknesses associated with these systems.
Learn about the various types of risk that can affect an organisation, including financial, commodity price and business risks – such as fraud, contractual inadequacy or loss of reputation – and how to quantify an organisation’s risk exposures and report on them.
Evaluate the various risk management strategies that can be actioned and understand the purpose of internal control systems to not only identify potential risks, but also its role in managing them.
Understand what makes good corporate governance when related to internal controls and learn to evaluate the ethical issues that can become a risk to an organisation.
Learn about audit process and the various tools that can be applied during; understand the principles of the audit and review process and learn how to solve problems during the practice.
Delve even further into the subjects of corporate governance and the ethical issues that can be faced by an organisation.
Analyse the financial risks that an organisation can be faced with and their possible sources.
Look at the various alternative risk management tools, their accounting implications and the effects of the range of methods that you will cover.
Look at the risks and benefits of using information systems, including the use of the Internet and Intranet within an organisation, outsourcing and changes in supplier.
Delivery via online format – study from the comfort of your own home, when it suits you.
Syllabus is split into manageable pieces that are easy-to-navigate.
Printable reference guides and exercises for easy study at home or away.
Wide range of learning materials to suit individual learning styles, including tutorials, training manuals, online resources, interactive simulations and self-assessments (including multiple choice and ‘fill in the blank’ tests) that can help to boost retention and provide engaging material to learn.
Technical support available via email and phone, in case you need help troubleshooting problems.
24 months of upgrades, for when new legislature or course changes are enforced, so that you don’t miss out on the new information.
Add practical skills to your CV and gain extra value as an employee from day one of learning.
Complete the nine modules of the highly regarded Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification for an impressive boost to your career.
Improve your job opportunities and get your foot in the door of better paid careers that offer better prospects for professionals just like you.
Continue with your own personal performance strategy and sign up for this course today!

Units of Study
Control Systems and Budgeting 1
Control Systems and Budgeting 2
Risks Facing an Organisation
Measuring and assessing risks
Importance of Risk Management and Internal Control
Risk Management Strategies
Evaluation of Internal Control System
Corporate Governance and Internal Control
Corporate Governance and Internal Review
The Internal Audit Process
Audit Planning
Internal Auditing and Risk Management
Ethics for Professional Accountants
Financial Risks
Methods of Risk Management
Exchange Rate Theory
Risk Management Strategies
Information Systems and Systems Development
Control of Information Systems
Auditing Computer Systems

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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