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Child Internet Safety



The internet is a fact of life, and with digital skills becoming more and more important in the workplace, it’s a useful as well as an enjoyable resource for young people. That said, it has never been more important to protect children and teenagers from the potential dangers they face online. This great value online course is designed to help parents, carers and those who work with young people do just that.
What Does the Course Teach?
The course deals with cyber-bullying, harassment and the dangers of online grooming, pornography and extremism that young people are vulnerable to being exposed to. There is a focus on the importance of communication skills to ensure that risks are alleviated and children and young people are empowered to have a positive experience online.
How Does It Work?
The 12 to 15 hours of course content is designed to be studied online in your own time. This means learning can take place at a time that is convenient to you. The easy to engage with modules are yours to access for 12 months, meaning you can return to a subject as and when you need to.
Work through the ten detailed modules to learn all you need to know to keep young people safe online.
Learn why the dangers of the digital era are a serious child safety issue.
Explore how children use the internet both at school and at home.
Discover strategies to protect your child online while also allowing them to develop digital skills and enjoy their online experience.
Find out more about the specific sources of danger that children may encounter online.
Explore the prevalence of social media use among children and teenagers, and the most common ways these age-groups use social media.
Learn about the most popular social media platforms with different age groups.
Study the importance of privacy settings to protect your child’s personal information and identity online.
Gain awareness of the problem of online bullying and harassment and how to support your child in the event that they become a victim.
Learn about the factors that make a child or teenager vulnerable to online bullying and how to spot the signs that it may be happening.
Gain insight into how young people may feel when they become victims of cyber-bullying.
Tackle the subject of how you may feel and what you should do if you discover that your child has been the perpetrator of online bullying or harassment.
Learn about the legal consequences your child can expect if they have been accused of serious or prolonged online bullying.
Discover why good communication with your child is the key to staying safe online.
Find out how to deal with some of the sensitive issues that will come up when discussing online safety with your child and the barriers you may come across.
Explore strategies to encourage your child to open up to you about any fears and concerns they may have.
Learn what is meant by the term ‘online grooming’ and why parents need to be aware of the dangers.
Find out about the different types of grooming used by online predators and how the process can often unfold from beginning to end.
Learn how to spot the signs of possible grooming or abuse in children and teenagers.
Get to grips with the different types of extremist material it is possible for young people to view online and the effect this can have on them.
Find out about the nature of extremist and radical political online content and how its impact can be lessened.
Discover what young people learn about sex, gender roles and relationships online.
Look at findings that indicate regularly viewing pornography online can result in a negative long-term effect on healthy sexual development and the ability to behave appropriately in relationships.
Explore ways to talk to your child about pornography and other sexually explicit material that can be found online.
Learn about ways young people use the internet to develop romantic relationships.
Discover the signs of and long-term effects of internet addiction and why you need to remain alert to it.
Gain awareness of what makes an individual more susceptible to internet addiction and how you can help your child or teenager cut down on the time they spend online.
Find out why you may want to consider using tools such as monitoring applications to keep your child safe online.
Learn about the functions of these tools and how to introduce them to your child.
Discover the ways in which teenagers may try and work around monitoring tools.
Learn on all your internet-enabled devices 24/7.
Enjoy technical support if you run into difficulties.
Access to the 10-12 hours of course content is for 12 months, making it easy to recap learning.
Educating yourself about internet safety means you can prevent any issues with your children rather than having to deal with them as they arise.
Becoming internet safety savvy not only gives you peace of mind when your children are online, it empowers you to educate them about what they need to do to stay safe online.
Gaining the certificate proves commitment to ensuring the safety of young people online for anyone who works with children and teenagers.
Make the internet a safer place for the young people in your life by signing up to the Child Internet Safety Certificate today.

Units of Study
Understanding Why Internet Safety Is So Important – How Children Use the Internet Today
Safe Use Of Social Media
How to Help a Child Suffering Online Bullying Or Harassment
What If My Child Is Bullying Others?
Talking To Children About Internet Safety
Online Grooming and How to Prevent It
Online Extremism and Managing The Risk Of Radicalisation
How The Internet Affects Young Peoples Attitudes Towards Sex and Relationships
Identifying, Preventing and Overcoming Internet Addiction in Children and Teenagers
Tools To Help You Monitor Your Child’s Internet Use

Course Details

Qualification = Other external awarded qualification

Awarding body = CPD

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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