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Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)



This industry-leading programme has been expertly designed by experienced Chief Information Security Officers to empower their fellow professionals to gain certification in the highest-regarded title within the information security profession. The practical course content focuses on enabling learners to gain the vital real-world experience necessary to succeed in the demanding and competitive executive levels of information security. All five CCISO information security management domains are covered in-depth, with a firm emphasis on hands-on learning.
As this course is exclusively available at E-Careers for candidates who wish to undertake an online EC-Council accredited course, you need look no further for your high-quality online training programme. Be aware – any CCISO course available in the UK or Ireland without the EC-Council backing is not official and will not gain you certification. For more information on the EC-Council please visit their website.
Who Is It For?
This programme of study with inclusive exam is specifically tailored to the needs of current and aspiring CISOs. The CCISO training is designed to bridge the gap between the executive management skills CISOs require and the technical knowledge that many aspiring CISOs possess. Closing this gap is crucial for CISOs who are ready to make the leap from middle to executive management roles.
Why Should I Enrol?
Official CCISO certification is essential for any current or aspiring executive leader who is required to address the constantly emerging threats to information security by developing and maintaining a tough information security strategy. In order to successfully perform the vital role of leading a team of technically skilled professionals in creating effective processes to defend the core interests of their organisation, a CISO needs strong skills in leadership, innovation and communication. This online training is designed to hone your experience to achieve just that.
Online training is the ideal solution for busy CISOs who need to schedule gaining certification with the demands of their job. On signing up, candidates are given a full year to complete the training and exam. The training is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android, meaning learning can take place on all internet-enabled devices 24/7. Candidates also have access to EC Council’s innovative i-Labs with its 100% automated cloud-based cyber range, for an enhanced, hands-on learning experience. Throughout the training there is an emphasis on the application of technical knowledge to an information security executive’s day-to-day role, rather than a traditional textbook-style focus on technical information.
Achieving the prestigious CCISO certification will not only set you apart from your peers in the competitive field of information security, it will provide employers with the assurance that as a proven CCISO executive leader, you have the necessary skillset to plan and implement information security for an entire organisation.
What Will I Learn?
You will begin by exploring governance, which covers the vital areas of policy, legal and compliance. Next, you will progress to IS management controls and auditing management, with a focus on projects, technology and operations. From there you will move on to leadership and how that impacts on projects and operations. The penultimate domain covers information security core competencies and the final domain focusses on strategic planning and finance. On completion of the training, you will have covered all the components required for C-Level positions including audit management, governance, IS controls, human capital management and strategic programme development, and the financial expertise needed to lead a successful IS programme.
The material covered in the CCISO certification assumes a pre-existing high-level understanding of the technical topics involved. As such, it is recommended for professionals already serving as an official CISO or who perform a CISO function within their organisation without the official title.
Get on the road to gaining the ultimate career-boosting certification in information security by signing up to the exclusive Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) today.

Units of Study
Security Risk Management, Controls, and Audit Management
Security Program Management and Operations
Information Security Core Competencies
Strategic Planning, Financial Management, and Vendor Management

Course Details

Qualification = Professional or Industry specific qualification

Awarding body = EC Council

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Access = 12 months


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