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Big confidence boost

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Become that confident person you’ve always wanted to be with our Big Confidence Boost. Whether you need to be more confident at work, in interviews, in social situations or just generally in day-to-day life, this fantastic package will unlock the key to empowering yourself with more confidence. Not all outwardly confident people were born that way; the secret they share is that, rather than being a genetic prize awarded to the lucky few like physical beauty, confidence is a life skill that everyone can learn and harness to improve relationships, career and happiness in ways previously undreamt of.
How Does It Work?
If you’re naturally shy, the thought of attending a ‘real-life’ confidence boosting class or seminar is probably enough to send you running for cover under the nearest duvet! The beauty of our online package, delivered in easy-to-digest audiobook chapters, is that you can work on improving your confidence at a time and pace that suits you. Even better, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re not suddenly going to be forced to engage in small talk or role-play with someone you don’t know.
But I Was Born This Way!
The first key to confidence is realising that every single human being suffers from confidence problems from time to time. The accomplished public speaker may be terrified of walking into a party alone, or the calm and prepared interviewee may fall to pieces when asked to make a quick, crucial decision during a crisis. However, the difference is that seemingly confident people have learned the tricks and techniques to control their self-doubt and move out of their comfort zone in situations they would naturally want to avoid. So whether your confidence problems are all-encompassing or restricted to just one area, there’s plenty you can do to stop this very common and human problem holding you back.
Learn the step-by-step techniques that will empower you to take your life to a whole new, more confident, level.
Find out what confidence is before digesting our section on the media’s effect on our confidence.
Learn to deal with negative people in your life and how to cope with meeting new people.
Banish negative self-talk and learn to look on the bright side about yourself by learning how to choose and practice positive self talk.
Find out how to master your emotions. When you control your feelings rather than letting them control you, the effects are life changing!
This always happens to me… No it doesn’t! Find out how to get rid of victim mentality.
If at first you don’t succeed…find out how to bounce back from life’s inevitable setbacks.
Think certain people are just lucky? Learn about inspiring love from others and how attracting amazing opportunities is something you can influence today.
Our section on making yourself feel wonderful forms a crucial part of the journey to attaining the confidence that can only come from within.
Happiness means achieving your goals; find out how to get the confidence to do this.
Big plans? You’ll need big actions. This will no longer be easier said than done with our fantastic guide.
The things worth having are never easy to get. Here we deal with feeling the fear and – you know the rest!
All confident people have a clear purpose. Find out what yours is.
Confidence isn’t a magic potion. Find out about the proven techniques you can use to achieve it.
In Who Can Help, find out how to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness!
Learn about the mind and body strategies for calm, confident living. Sometimes it really is as simple as taking a deep breath or two.
Our Self Improvement section guides you to be the best you can be.
Finally learn how to celebrate success. Truly confident people pat themselves on the back for their achievements rather than just berating themselves when things go wrong.
Enjoy hundreds of tips and techniques from industry experts based on research from global companies like Coca Cola, Gillette, Microsoft, Disney and more.
Gain the ability to relish meeting new people.
Crowded rooms will lose their fear factor.
Never again lose a job opportunity you’d be perfect for because nerves took over.
Boss asked you to do a presentation? No longer a problem.
Be happier in your own skin and make those around you feel at ease too.
Scared to approach a potential friend or date? This course will give you the freedom to develop new and rewarding relationships.
Progress through your journey to confidence at a time and pace that suits you.
Improve every aspect of your life just by increasing your confidence levels.
We’ll beat any legitimate quote by 10% so you can be confident you won’t get a better deal elsewhere.
Don’t let confidence problems hold you back. Start reaching your true potential today with our Big Confidence Boost.

Units of Study
What is Confidence
The Media
Dealing with Negative Friends
Meeting New People
Negative Self Talk
The Secrets to Positive Self Talk
Mastering Your Emotions
Victim Mentality
Dealing with Setbacks
Attracting Wonderful Opportunities
How to get People to Love You
Making Yourself Feel Wonderful
Achieving What You Want
Taking Action
Feeling The Fear
Having a Purpose
Confidence Techniques
Who can help?
Body & Mind strategies
Self Improvement
Celebrating Success

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Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

1 review for Big confidence boost

  1. Jacki Blair

    The course starts with basic skills. I studied art at University. It isn’t that I didn’t learn anything there it’s just that I wanted more and didn’t know what to ask for. Many of the teachers/professors were more interested in teaching advanced students rather than taking time with the just starting.

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