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Better Business Cases™ Foundation Training and Exam



Make your business venture a better one, by signing up to this course with exam included that complements the HM Treasury’s Green Book guidance, and utilises the UK government’s best practice approach to planning and enabling business decisions that can help a business thrive. With new guidance from the Treasury, with regards to how future requests for treasury funding should be presented, it’s essential to understand how to structure business case proposals, and this foundation course is a perfect place to start.

Work with the Five Case Model

The crucial model, revolving around the five cases – Strategic, Economic, Commercial, Financial and Management – is central to the course, and will allow students to understand how to plan spending proposals and business decisions with precision and expertise. The development of a public spending proposal needs to be based on this HM Treasury model, and by signing up to this course you will be able to further understand the fundamental elements so that you can apply this new-found knowledge in the future.

Two Modules with Interactive Lessons

The course is split into two modules, Within these two modules students will find 48 interactive lessons that are grouped into 7 sessions, so that you can enjoy a comprehensive look at the topic in its entirety. Within 20 hours, students will be ready to move on to the next stage, and take the accompanying examination, which is also available to sign up to today!


This course will prove to be extremely useful for any individual who is responsible for spending proposals, particularly accounting officers, senior responsible owners, finance directors and management board members.

  • Understand the Better Business Case (BBC) process in its entirety, and appreciate the importance to both those responsible for producing the business cases and those who approve them.
  • Cover, in depth, the Five Case Model, including strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management elements.
  • Appreciate methodologies that can be applied at both macro and micro levels i.e. strategic and tactical applications.
  • Recognise ways in which unnecessary spends can be minimised, and public value can be optimised.

The exam will test students on all elements of developing a business case, including:

  • How to establish a case for change, and why intervention is required.
  • How to set clear objectives, based on what you wish to achieve from an investment.
  • The various potential solutions that can be considered, and what implications they may have on cost and risk.
  • How the arrangements can be put in place in order for the proposal to be successfully delivered.


    • Online delivery allows students to pick up and put down the course content as and when it suits. Convenient and flexible study can be done around existing commitments.
    • Support notes for each lesson are available, and references to the BBC Course Manual allow extra reading when desired.
    • Take as long as you need – whether you study the content over 4 weeks or 6 months.
    • Compatible with a variety of browsers and platforms.
    • Online support, forums and progress reports are also available.
    • Foundation exam simulation available, to help students prepare for the real thing.
    • Improve your decision making skills and increase your value as a team member.
    • Eliminate the need for consultancy costs by understanding and applying the Five Case Model yourself.
    • Build your understanding of the Better Business Case process, and give yourself the best chance possible of passing the exam first time.


Work through the course material and once you are ready, sign up to this examination that will help you to test your new-found expertise. The multiple-choice format includes 50 questions set over 40 minutes, which will be based on various aspects of the curriculum – including strategic and tactical applications, and the Five Case Model itself – is to be completed within an hour. And if you achieve the pass rate of 50%, you will be able to add this highly desirable qualification to your CV and look forward to a better business.

  • Online assessment is available – take the exam via your webcam, no matter where you are in the world!
  • Gain a better understanding of the BBC process – essential for anyone producing, or approving, public spending proposals.
  • Confirm you have the knowledge and understanding of the Five Case Model, and boost your confidence in the area.
  • Help to improve the decision making process in your team, and reduce unnecessary spending.
  • Achieve an internationally recognised certification that can prove to be useful in your current, or future employment.

Prove you know what knowledge, and add an invaluable qualification to your resume – sign up to take the Better Business Cases Foundation training and exam today!


Foundation Qualification
  • Purpose of the Foundation Qualification
  • Target Audience
  • High Level Performance Definition of a Successful Candidate
Practitioner Qualification
  • Purpose of the Practitioner Qualification
  • Target Audience
  • High Level Performance Definition of a Successful Candidate
Learning Outcomes Assessment Model
Better Business Cases – Five Case Model – Learning Outcome Assessment Model
  • Knowledge
  • Comprehension
  • Application
  • Analysis
Syllabus Presentation
  • Syllabus Area
  • Learning Outcome
  • Level
  • Topic
Syllabus Areas
  • Overview of the Five Case Model
  • Developing the Strategic Case
  • Developing the Economic Case
  • Developing the Commercial Case
  • Developing the Financial Case
  • Developing the Management Case

Course Details

Qualification = Better Business Cases™ Foundation

Awarding body = BBC

Location = Online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 6 months


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