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AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty




The Amazon Big Data Specialty takes a deeper dive into the AWS services that help collect, store, process, and analyze data. During this course, we will expand on our knowledge of S3 and DynamoDB. Additionally, we will explore data collection services such as IoT and Kinesis, data processing services such as Elastic Map Reduce, Lambda, and Glue, analysis and visualization of that data using Athena, Kinesis, and QuickSight, and utilize and discuss security practices when using these services. If you are looking to power up your Big Data knowledge, then we will see you there!


  • Pass the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Exam
  • Design Big Data Solutions on AWS
  • Become Intimately Familiar with AWS’ Big Data Solutions

  • You must have an AWS account.
  • AWS recommends associate-level certification before attempting the AWS Big Data exam. It is an advanced and challenging exam.
Target Audience

Experienced technologists seeking certification in Big Data technologies on Amazon Web Services.



Kinesis Stream Essentials
Firehose Collection

Collect Data with Kinesis Agent


IoT Essentials


Rules and the Rule Engine


Collect Sensor Data


SQS Essentials


S3 Essentials


Permissions and Encryption


Storage Classes, Lifecycles, and Performance


DynamoDB Essentials


Read and Write Operations


DynamoDB Indexes


Global Tables and Conditional Writes





EMR Essentials


Use Hue and Hive with EMR


Spark and EMR


SageMaker Essentials


Training with SageMaker Notebooks


AWS Lambda Essentials


Processing Data with Lambda


Data Pipeline Essentials


Database Migration Essentials


Glue Essentials


Elasticsearch Essentials


Elasticsearch and Kibana


Athena Essentials


Redshift Essentials


Loading and Unloading Data in Redshift


Kinesis Analytics Essentials



QuickSight Essentials


JavaScript Visualization From S3


IAM Basics for Big Data


CloudTrail Essentials


Database and Storage Encryption


Course Details

Duration = 20 Hours

Access to content = 12 Months

Qualification = No formal qualification

Additional info  = Tutor is available to students

Certificate of completion available and is included in the price


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