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Appointed Person for First Aid

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This easy-to-follow first aid course for individuals. It’s especially designed for individuals whose risk assessment has concluded that they don’t need a full First Aider but do require an Appointed Person to take charge in the event of an unexpected illness or accident in the workplace.
Confidence and Expertise
When a medical emergency arises at work, it’s important that the designated Appointed Person is able to act decisively, quickly and effectively. This comprehensive course ensures that everyone in your workplace can rest assured that their Appointed Person is in a position to do this.
The course content can be accessed online and is structured in eight clear steps to ensure legal compliance with first aid regulations. However it is also extremely useful for family first aid and for individuals seeking confidence in common first aid techniques.
If your business needs to become legally compliant in first aid, this course is an effective, efficient way of achieving this important, potentially life-saving, aim.
Find out about the role and responsibilities of an Appointed Person.
Learn about the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations Act of 1981.
Discover more about the most common workplace injuries and how to deal with them quickly and effectively.
Find out about the priorities of first aid.
Find out about what you require in terms of first aid kits and facilities in your workplace.
Learn about the importance of the 6-step hand-washing technique and how to implement it at work.
Become confident in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and treatment of an unconscious casualty.
Find out how to deal with choking incidents.
Learn how to effectively deal with shock.
Become clear on the procedures for summoning assistance including dialling 999 and shouting for help.
Learn about the most common types of wound and how to treat them effectively.
Become confident in checking a casualty’s airway, breathing and circulation.
Learn about danger and appropriate response.
Learn how to deal with the most common types of bleeding.
Become legally compliant in first aid with this easy-to-access course that can be completed in 110 minutes at a time that suits you.
Feel secure in the knowledge that your workplace has the correct and most up-to-date first aid kit and facilities.
Become confident that, should an emergency arise, your workplace has a member of staff who can deal with the situation correctly and effectively.
Test your knowledge at the end of the course with a comprehensive 50-question multiple choice test with a pass rate of 80%.
Extend your knowledge beyond the mandatory basics with the course’s Basic Life Support/CPR module, after which it’s recommended you gain hands-on experience with a mannequin.
Train in this effective way, that saves time and money usually spent in classrooms.
Don’t gamble with well-being in the workplace. Sign up to the Appointed Person for First Aid course today to make your workplace safe and legally compliant.

Units of Study
What is an Appointed Person?
The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981
First Aid Kits & Facilities
First Aid Part 1
First Aid Part 2
Infection Control
The 6 step hand washing technique
Decontamination Procedures
Common Types of Wound
Bleeding Part 1
Bleeding Part 2
Miscellaneous Bleeding
Introduction to CPR
Shout For Help
Call 999/112
Two Rescue Breaths

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

4 reviews for Appointed Person for First Aid

  1. Salvador Perez

    nly thing I would have liked was to see “what the output should be”

  2. Vincent

    He definitely covers the subject matter adequately while demonstrating his expertise and extensive knowledge in the subject matter presented.

  3. Jose

    I was engaged the entire time, obviously a huge Plus for any learning curve.

  4. Setia

    Additionally, anytime I got hung up due to errors, bugs, updates and whatever I was able to resolve the issue quickly

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