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Apple/Android App & Unity 3D Developer Package

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Become a professional iOS app developer by mastering the fundamentals of Xcode programming, join the mobile app revolution by learning the fundamentals of Android mobile programming and master multi-platform games development techniques using the powerful Unity 3D development platform.
Apple App Developer:
This course is for Beginners has been designed in such a way that no prior experience is required – making it perfect for everyone.
Instructor led videos and extensive self-study manuals help students get to grips with Xcode and the Apple development environment. The online delivery method ensures that course contents are available anyplace anytime, to fit in around the student’s schedule. And by using our accompanying social networking platform, participants can share knowledge and experience to augment their own knowledge.
Upon completion students will have a good working understanding of Xcode, and the practical skills required to turn a customer’s design requirements into a working app for their iPad or iPhone.
Android app developer:
This course is specifically designed for IT professionals and computer enthusiasts who have little or no programming experience.
Over the course of modules students will learn everything they need to get started with Android app development. This entry-level course ensures that programmers of any experience (including none at all) will be able to build apps from scratch and deploy then on the Android Market.
This Course teaches the skills required to help anyone become an Android app developer. By building real apps that fulfil real needs, students will learn practical competencies that can be applied and extended to create even more advanced apps. At the end of this course participants will have enough knowledge and experience to move onto advanced development techniques, or to begin deploying and selling apps immediately.
Unity 3D:
By following the course content students will learn how to script from scratch, allowing them to build exciting and revolutionary games for deployment across a wide range of platforms.
Starting with the most basic principles, the Game Design Course with Unity 3D package takes programmers and non-programmers from absolute beginner to experienced game developer in no time. Students will learn practical coding and scripting skills to back up their learning as they begin to build games within hours of beginning the course. This course will help move participants from absolute beginner to games programming maestro within a matter of hours.
Once students have completed the Game Design Course with Unity 3D package they will have all the skills and knowledge required to build outstanding 3D games for multiple platforms using the Unity 3D toolkit.
Understanding the Xcode interface and how to build an app for the first time using user input objects to capture information from the app user.
Using multiple view controllers in an app to pass data between controllers ready for display on the user’s screen.
Displaying data using table views and formatting the output to make it easy to understand by app users.
Building an RPN calculator to demonstrate mathematical functions and solve complex user in-putted sums.
Creating applications that take advantage of the larger iPad screen to display more data and design elements.
Accessing the Twitter framework from within apps, allowing users to tweet or share direct.
Implementing Google APIs to deliver valuable services and information to users from within an app, such as search results.
Preparing development environments by installing Google Chrome, Java and the actual App Inventor software.
Familiarisation with the App Inventor interface, introducing each of the functions.
Building different apps from scratch to demonstrate how system resources are interfaced and used within custom apps.
Compiling the app into an APK ready for installation on an Android device or deployment to an Android marketplace.
The process of creating an Android Publisher account and uploading the app to the Google Play store.
The basics of writing and compiling Unity scripts.
Modelling, rigging and animating assets for import into the development game and eventual use in the finished game.
The fundamentals of Unity 3D scripting principles including functions, variables, conditionals and inputs – all required to control onscreen behaviours.
Using light mapping techniques to improve 3D appearance and realism during game play.
Implementing the Shuriken Particle System to create fire, smoke and muzzle flash effects within games.
Understanding and adjusting game dynamics, such as movement animation to improve the gaming experience and to make character actions more realistic.
The Unity 3D engine and how to use mipmaps, rendering paths and topology to build realistic gaming scenarios.
How to build mobile-ready games for smartphones and tablets using Unity 3D to maximise performance and experience using the various techniques and tools available.
How to build 2D animations for cartoon-style games.
Pulling all of the advanced techniques together to create an action-packed 3D game ready for deployment to PCs, games consoles and mobile devices.
The acquisition of valuable Xcode development skills, allowing them to build custom apps for specific purposes.
Have a firm basis on which to build should they choose to take their studies further.
A practical introduction to code-free app development using the App Inventor system.
A basic understanding of mobile development tools and techniques that can be used to create a new revenue stream or to secure a new role in mobile development.
Cross platform games development skills using Unity 3D, allowing them to build apps for Apple, Android, PCs and games consoles, allowing them to work with virtually any manufacturer or software developer.
A good understanding of how to develop games apps for the incredibly lucrative mobile gaming marketplace.
Valuable scripting skills that allow students to build compelling and exciting games for a wide range of devices.
Units of Study
IOS 9 App Development (Xcode new)
Android App Inventor
Unity 3D

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

4 reviews for Apple/Android App & Unity 3D Developer Package

  1. Raymond Leung

    Very clear explanation all along, the only thing that I wish for is to have more exercises/ challenges along the way.

  2. Innocent

    good instructor

  3. Daniel

    High value content, I appreciate it.

  4. Usman

    Very well presented and defined in a clear understandable manner

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