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Anxiety Awareness

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Anxiety disorders such as anxiety, phobias and OCD account for the most common mental health problems in the UK, with millions of sufferers. It’s estimated that one in four people will be affected at some point, so there’s a good chance that you or someone you know could suffer. This course has been designed to increase awareness of the causes, symptoms and treatments of anxiety, to help you better understand the conditions that fall under the anxiety umbrella.
Who Is This Course For?
If you’re an anxiety sufferer yourself then this course will be helpful in improving your understanding of the condition, including the triggers and possible treatments. It will also be very useful if you need to support someone close who is dealing with anxiety. Medical professionals and those concerned with the welfare of others through the course of their job may also find this diploma course valuable.
How Will I Learn?
All study takes place online, making it easy to fit this course around your existing commitments. You can learn on most devices and browsers, wherever and whenever you choose.
Work through the ten information-packed modules to develop a deeper understanding of anxiety.
Gain an understanding of anxiety, its relevance in our lives and its definition.
Compare anxiety and stress.
Look at the possible external causes of anxiety, including external and environmental causes, past trauma and grief.
Also look at work related anxiety and possible coping strategies.
Consider sleep deprivation and the consumption of stimulants as a possible cause.
Study inherited causes of anxiety.
Learn how to distinguish between worry and anxiety.
Look at the physical symptoms.
Study cognitive, affective and behavioural anxiety symptoms.
Understand Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and look at the impact it can have.
Look at GAD in children and adolescents.
Move on to study OCD, its definition, impact and common examples of obsessions and compulsions.
Continue with more in-depth study of OCD, including looking at OCD spectrum disorders and facts about OCD and its causes.
Discover the definition, cause, treatment and physiology of panic attacks.
Also look at agoraphobia.
Learn all about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) including definition, history, treatment and symptoms.
Develop your understanding of social anxiety disorder, its symptoms, triggers and causes, and how it differs from shyness.
Look at different types of anxiety therapies and treatments, both in the UK and abroad.
Approximately 15 hours of course content divided into ten easy to manage modules.
Fit your learning around your other commitments with ease.
12 months access to this course.
Achieve your anxiety awareness diploma and download and print your certificate.
Support available if needed.
Increase your awareness and understanding of anxiety and those who suffer from it.
Useful for anxiety sufferers and those who know someone with anxiety.
Help to identify anxiety triggers and better manage the condition.
Can help manage anxiety levels at work and improve self-confidence and self-esteem.
A valuable addition to a CV for anyone concerned with the welfare of others in a professional capacity.
Units of Study
Understanding Anxiety, its Impact on our Lives and Research into Anxiety Disorders
External Causes of Anxiety
Inherited Causes of Anxiety, Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety
Cognitive, Affective and Behavioural Causes of Anxiety; Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

3 reviews for Anxiety Awareness

  1. David Barrymore

    The presenter did an excellent job of explaining each step and walked me through the process in a very guided way.

  2. Kaplanis

    I would completely recommend any courses from him and look forward to taking more classes in the future.

  3. Jagdish

    A slight scope of improvement, the trainer could have included some real world examples.

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