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Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

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Putting on the perfect training session, whether that be as part of an in-house or outsourced team, requires a lot of preparation and attention to detail. The trainer will not only need to make sure that all areas of the syllabus are covered, they will also need to make the program exciting: no-one wants their eulogy to include “death by PowerPoint”.
The best way to increase involvement in a training session is to utilise your own experiences and emotions to elicit empathy from the people you are teaching. This course will help you to stimulate learner’s emotions and minds to create a better learning environment, while helping their personal growth and development.
The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is the World’s largest talent development association and they estimate that it takes 40 hours to develop each hour of training time. We will teach you effective ways to ensure your researching, writing, editing, and testing processes are easier so you can be 100% prepared.
This course requires a good understanding of basic training principles and methods.
An understanding of the four different learning styles and how to incorporate all four in the classroom
How to apply the key principles of effective communication in a workshop setting
Utilising a variety of training techniques to stimulate participation
Develop a plan and prepare for an effective training session
Explain the different levels of evaluation and when to use each
Identify advanced interventions for difficult situations
How to put your skills to work for a team presentation
Prepare the perfect training session with a plan that is so flexible it can be applied to any subject area.
Learn about copyright considerations when you purchase customisable materials.
Learn easy de-stressing techniques and build resilience to stress to deal with future experiences.
Extracurricular resources given so you can build further on your newfound knowledge.

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

5 reviews for Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

  1. Eben Crawford

    Great pace, I watched through the lectures in a week

  2. Jose

    he went step by step in showing and teaching the how to’s and what not to do.

  3. Pranay

    The instructor is very diligent in answering questions, which is a plus (in addition to being a FIVE STAR course on its own).

  4. Surya

    It taught me the important basics, some of which i already knew, but it was a nice and neat package making it very useful.

  5. Chris

    Keep up the good work!!

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