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Active Listening (Arabic)

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Active Listening is the ability to concentrate on what is being said or explained, instead of getting distracted or listening passively with minimal attention being paid to the subject or the person you’re conversing with.
Active listening is a skill that is used in many different sectors and professions. It is crucial to every bit of human interaction you have, both at home and in the workplace, as it allows you to pay closer attention to details of conversations. This will help both your personal and professional life, as you will be considered a good listener and people will often seek your help which will lead to greater opportunities and better relationships.
This course will teach you how to listen to what others are saying, process information and respond to it to clarify and produce more information.
The definition of active listening and its key components
Identify ways to become a better listener in any environment
How to use body language to reflect a positive listening attitude
The difference between sympathy and empathy, and when each is appropriate
How to create a listening mindset using framing, positive intent and focus
How to be genuine in your communications
Understanding the communication process
Asking questions, probing for information, and using paraphrasing techniques
Building relationship to create an authentic communication experience between the individuals included
Identifying common listening problems and solutions
Improve your communication skills to become a better listener in any situation
Understand the globally renowned concept of NLP
Utilise the skills you learn to improve your career or personal life
Proven principles to back and studies to back up your learning
Extracurricular resources given so you can build further on your newfound knowledge

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

6 reviews for Active Listening (Arabic)

  1. Juan Manjarres

    Great course and a source to be used as a reference by me in the future.

  2. Matthew Gaffen

    So far I’m confident that this is a great course. It is just getting started however so it’s a bit early to say.

  3. Monica Gomez

    So far I’m confident that this is a great course. It is just getting started however so it’s a bit early to say.

  4. Jasmina Begović

    Excelente tutor.

  5. Dhawan

    I don’t know about python language. This course boost my confidence from 0 to 100. Thanks

  6. Wilson

    I’m now wondering if I might have progressed faster with a different course.

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